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Executive Search 

Gould GroupThe Gould Group excels in recruiting C-suite, Sr Vice Presidents, Marketing, Vice President of Sales, Sales Management, Sales Engineers, and Sales Professionals across the United States.

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Leadership Consulting

Gould GroupThe Gould Group provides Leadership Development to help companies and entrepreneurs overcome management and strategy challenges. The result is increased profitability and sustainability for their stakeholders.

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Career Coaching

Gould GroupThe Gould Group has guided the careers of professionals by helping them climb the corporate ladder. The best athletes in the world have coaches. Why Not You?

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The Gould Standard

If you speak with a Gould Group client they will convey our firm's commitment to excellence, as well as my own personal commitment to exceed your highest expectations.

Octavius Gould - CEO

The Gould Group, LLC was founded in 1997 by Octavius Gould and Winona Hawkins Gould from an idea that a commitment to excellence would yield unmatched results.

The firm is defined by our reputation for integrity in every aspect of our business. The Gould Group employees are committed to distinguishing our firm as the preeminent provider of executive search and talent management services through an unwavering focus on client satisfaction. The Gould Group's goal is to maximize human potential, while being the standard by which executive recruiting firms are measured.